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PLINTA: About us

We provide production and technical completion of objects industrial energy, shipbuilding and utilities.

Our professional success is possible thanks to:

Our team. All company leading specialist are working more then 15 years on the boiler equipment components market and are really great at all market peculiarities and nuances.

Our policy. We focus on direct cooperation with European equipment manufacturers with no intermediaries. This allows us to guarantee authentic product quality and maintain competitive prices. We are that much sure in the product quality that we guarantee full refund in case you receive pirate goods from us.

Our methodology. Each client is individuality for us. We also work out tailor-made supply and payment schemes considering every client need.

Our partners. We closely collaborate with installation and pre-commissioning companies in different regions of Russia and in CIS. Our reliable partners are always ready to help our clients in whatever situations.

Our clients. We have vast experience of successful cooperation with companies in various industries – food industry and shipbuilding, oil-refining and chemicals sector, housing and utility sector companies. Our knowledge of industrial nuances helps us bring most effective solutions.

Core tasks we help our clients to resolve:
• Create and timely refill spare parts and components stock for boiler equipment repair and maintenance.
• Enhance factor of safety and ensure plant functioning consistency.
• Increase investments in boiler equipment efficiency.

Attention! Important information!

Draw up an application online and get a 5% discount for your order + individual bonuses!

PLINTA: Your warmest solutions!